Transfer and acquisition

A complete support in the acquisition of your new company

A complete support in the acquisition of your new company


Phase 1: Preliminary analysis and consulting services

Before signing a promise to purchase, it is essential to conduct a preliminary analysis of the tax impacts of the transaction. Then, our team will assist you in negotiations with the seller to identify a purchase price and determine the terms of the transaction.

  • Preliminary tax analysis
  • Assistance in your negotiations with the other party
  • Assistance in determining a purchase price
  • Determination of transactional vehicles

Phase 2: Promise to Purchase / Letter of Intent

Our team assists you in preparing a letter of intent or a promise to purchase including the principal terms of the proposed transaction, representations and warranties and adjustment clauses as well as the seller's commitment to exclusivity during the due diligence period.

  • Preparation of your promise to purchase
  • Preparation of the seller's representations and warranties
  • Review of documents following negotiations with the seller

Phase 3: Obtaining funding

Our team will assist you in the process of obtaining financing by communicating on your behalf with your financial institution and assisting you in preparing the requisite preliminary documentation necessary as a condition to secure financing.

  • Accounting assessment of the company's value based on the financial statements of the last 3 years
  • Preparation of budget forecasts for the upcoming fiscal years
  • Communication with the financial institution responsible for financing and assistance in fulfilling the requirements.

Phase 4: Due diligence

The acquisition of a company potentially involves the acquisition of certain debts and duties. Our legal team ensures that we verify the background of the purchased company, its legal compliance and the rights and duties of other parties with respect to the company, including any debt with government agencies.

  • Due diligence of public records and government agencies
  • Verification of the seller's corporate book
  • Audit of the company's major contracts

Phase 5: Closing of the transaction

We prepare the final sales contract and assist you in the final step of the transaction: signing the documentation and exchanging funds between the parties.

  • Incorporation of transactional forms
  • Preparation of the company's sale-purchase agreement
  • Update of the company's corporate book following the transaction
  • Meeting to sign the relevant documents on the day of the transaction
  • Management of funds and payment of the sale price to the seller at the closing meeting.

Phase 6: Post-transaction assistance

Once the transaction is completed, our team will be pleased to continue our professional support through our multidisciplinary services for companies.