Welcome to Hub6

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Our Story

Hub6 began at a dinner between friends when we asked ourselves a very simple question:

How could we reinvent professional services?

Our passion to innovate has driven us to build the ideal professional services for entrepreneurs and their business.

A multidisciplinary firm that brings together in one team the fundamental professional expertises a company needs to scale.

Professionals who embrace new technologies and tailor their services to emerging industries.

Competent and available team members who know and support your company as if it were their own.

A stimulating work environment for professionals who want to do things differently.

A firm for entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

Welcome to Hub6

Anthony & Pierre-Anthony


About Hub6


A team of multidisciplinary professionals

- Lawyers
- Accountants
- Tax specialists
- Certified Human Resources Advisors


Services integrated with new technologies

- A customer portal
- Your cloud accounting
- Your corporate book on the cloud
- Online appointment booking


Innovative pricing

- Annual subscriptions payable monthly
- Evolutionary rates according to your growth stage
- Real-time invoicing via our portal
- Centralizing of your business expenses